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Megaformer Signature Classes

We follow the Lagree total body training method. Each intensive, 50 minute class is designed to work all the major muscle groups systematically and to fatigue. The classes are challenging, yet fun and invigorating, and the results are spectacular. When done regularly, either alone or in combination with other exercise, expect to notice a stronger, leaner, more toned physique. You will feel inspired by a class of no more than 8 others, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach and great music. And WOW- the revolutionary workout burns up to 700 calories in less than an hour.

Megafit is


Transform your body and be more fit!

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Discover muscles you never knew you had and shed some weight.


Develop a better range of motion while increasing your strength.


Build core strength with this full body workout. These machines provide a contant resisitance so you get a lot out of a 50 minute workout.

MEGAfit Baltimore Set your intention and be determined to push through. 2017-08-18T19:40:21+0000
MEGAfit Baltimore To determine how much water you should drink per day, divide your weight (lbs) by two -- the total is the number of ounces you need! 2017-08-14T20:40:26+0000
MEGAfit Baltimore Spend your Sunday wisely by prepping for the week ahead! 2017-08-13T18:23:10+0000


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511 South Caroline Street
Suite A - (located on the Second Floor, above the HandleBar cafe)
Baltimore, Maryland 21231
(410) 617-0516

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