The impact is noticeable.

Megaformer has been a game changer for me. I feel stronger and leaner with every class. The impact is noticeable.


I’m addicted!

I’ve been taking Megaformer classes for about a year and I’m addicted! The class is consistently challenging and I come out of every class sweating, shaking, and feeling great! The Megaformer has helped to lengthen and tone my body and has made me stronger physically and mentally.


I am stronger, leaner and more defined

Megaformer is the most challenging and efficient full-body workout I have ever done. I had run and weight lifted weights all of my life, but nothing has challenged me in the way that MEGA has. I am stronger, leaner and more defined, with much better posture. The instructors are wonderful, each offering different routines and changing them weekly so I’m never bored.


challenges your mind and muscles!

Megaformer challenges your mind and muscles! I have noticed improvement in my strength and elongation of my body. Robin is a thoughtful, clear and concise teacher. I always enjoy her classes.

Mary Ellen

better than all the rest

I find Mega to be better than all the rest. After years of personal training and small group training, Mega is seriously the next level in fitness. It’s an intense and invigorating workout for the body and mind. The beauty of the machine is how you strengthen the core, build lean muscle, get your heart rate up and practice balance all in one session. I have never done a workout where time passes so quickly with zero boredom. It’s a small investment with a huge return.


take my personal fitness routine to a new level

The Megaformer has challenged me to take my personal fitness routine to a new level. Each class, given by instructors with varying styles and musical selections, consists of a whole different set of exercises that focus on different muscle groups, which have reinforced my core and toned my entire figure. Where I used to count the seconds until a particular set would end (ex. Plank to Pike), I now embrace the movements as my stronger, fitter body recognizes the benefits or each exertion. I never dreamt I’d become an addict- but I have. I can’t wait to get back on the megaformer!!


helps to keep by body loose and flexible

As a firefighter and avid golfer, I need a full body workout that helps to keep by body loose and flexible. Megaformer does just that.


This is a workout like no other!

I first started attending classes with the megaformer a few years back because I was looking for a workout that would really target my core. I was thrilled that exercising on the megaformer not only strengthened my core but also helped to build long and lean muscle throughout my entire body. I have seen improvements in not just my over all muscle tone, but also my posture and balance. You might think that after a few years of this workout, I would no longer be challenged, but I still shake and sweat through every class—which is a testament to both the megaformer and the amazing instructors you will find here. This is a workout like no other! I truly love it and so will you.



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